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Winfield Finance Limited was born in 2020 in the financial capital of the world-London, United Kingdom.It is a company dedicated to finance, legal and immigration services in all aspects of our life, personal and corporative.The dedication is not only to finance but to marketing, accounting and everything to business and personal needs of everyone.We in Winfield Finance Limited can provide you with the best tailor made solutions for your financial, personal and corporative needs for your life and success.For us finance, marketing and accounting are not only business, they are life, dedication, responsibility and trust between us and our clients.Our mission is our clients's success.



The CEO of Winfield Finance Limited was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, a financist who was graduated in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe for finance-School of Finance, Insurance & Accounting. Because he felt that he is able to provide innovative financial and marketing solutions to his clients he established Winfield Finance Limited in London as the most appropriate place for this. Our CEO worked in the team of one of the vice-directors of european bank and in the Middle-Eastern capital of finance-Dubai, UAE as financial consultant and broker.He was financial consultant to the Emiratt Financial Fund in London, United Kingdom.




Our G.M. - an experienced manager who decided

to become part of our company and to enhance the bespoke 

quality of our services.With experience in Bulgaria, Malta,

South Korea and UK he is one more guarantee that you

as our client will get the best from the financial & marketing






Winfield Finance Limited was established to provide precise tailor made solutions to our clients regarding their financial, marketing and accounting desires for their personal or corporative life. We are immigration and legal services provider too. During the work with us every client will has dedicated personal financial, marketing or accountaning expert who will provide you with bespoke solution for your needs.


For more detailed personalised solution or consultation feel free to contact us any time.


"The Financial Guru" is a book, hand-book, a guide for the world of finance, a very important part of our life. It's author-Bobo Boss  is an experienced financist graduated in one of the most prestigious universities for finance in Europe, financial broker worked in London,UK and Dubai, UAE, wealth manager in Europe and UAE. His dream became true with his first book - "The Financial Guru" because he always wanted to provide the most useful book for the financial world which contains all needed topics about how to become the master of finance.With this book, you, the reader will become part of the financial universe, there in the book you going to know all about the finance, assets, how to invest during different times-crisis or not, how to survive during crisis and to manage it in the best way, how to become wealthy without risk and to earn more from what you have without taking a loan.You will know the secrets how to invest smart and to earn more. With "The Financial Guru" businesses and personals you will know the secrets of an experienced financist how to gain success in the financial universe and to become the master of finance.

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Important part of our bespoke service is that you can contact us any time and you will get a reply up to few hours.Please fill the form or call us to get your  tailor made consultation & solution.


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24/7 Whatsapp: 00447394457114

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Winfield Finance Limited  protecting your personal information according to the law.Because we offering tailor made services dedicated to every our client we proposing to make agreement according to the special needs of our customer in which agreement we will mention all terms and codnitions for our mutual business according to the service. Of course we offering services without special agreement if this is the wish of our customer. 

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